martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

[SOLVED] Ubuntu 11.04 Remove unity but use gnome 2

In other post I explain Howto remove unity and install gnome3. but since gnome3 is unstable this will change unity into default gnome but a stable version :

1) Click on the power button in the upper right corner (mine looks like a light switch) and choose the last option, System Settings.
2) Search for Login Screen
3) Double-click to display
4) Choose Unlock and enter your password
5) Select Ubuntu Classic as default session.

Please comment if you have problems.

3 comentarios:

Tanshin dijo...

Oh, THANK you. This was SO annoying the moment it updated.

Anónimo dijo...

Unity is the most annoying interface known to us Ubuntu owners. I've seen pros and cons and all sorts of opinions but one thing is for certain, the overwhelming majority HATE UNITY !!!
You can't multitask at all. Try opening 5 windows of 5 different programs and you will have an absolute mess. I just can't work with it.

天龙 dijo...
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